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Details bass: W1112

SN W1112
Built 1983
Fretboard Rosewood
Fretted Fretless - lined
Length 21
Strings 4
Headstock Paddle
Body3-Piece Olive Ash, natural finish.
Owner Gavin Griffiths
Notes Transition model between Pro2e and Custom Mk1 (built year not exactly known). Pro2e electronics but rear-loaded and no Pro2e scratchplate. On the rear is a transparent cavity cover (no notes). There was a little mix-up between this bass and JG1112 (http://www.nedcom.nl/WAL/view.php?id=JG1112) which has belonged to Johnny Gus (John Gustafson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gustafson_%28musician%29?). See also https://www.talkbass.com/threads/ive-decided-to-buy-a-wal.1463856/page-12#post-24397517.