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Details bass: W2465

SN W2465
Built 1985
Fretboard Indian Ebony
Fretted Fretless
Length 21
Strings 4
BodyMahogany core, Sycamore facings
Owner Jan Lomenzo
Notes Wal, May 1985. The bass was sent back to Wal HQ to get a new body and fully serviced - The original body (which has been in Wal's possession when the whole bass was sent back in 2015) had Wengé facings that had separated on the front by the control knobs (and repaired by a previous owner). Paul Herman built a new Sycamore facing/Mahogany core body with a clear gloss poly finish. The fingerboard was levelled, and the neck was given a clear gloss poly finish. All new pots, necessary caps replaced, pickups and all electronics were inspected/serviced, came back as a new bass. Also had HG Thor Epoxy fingerboard applied in 2016.