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Details bass: W2606

SN W2606
Built 1985
Fretboard Indian Rosewood
Fretted Fretted
Length 21
Strings 4
BodySolid Brazilian Mahogany body, black polyester gloss finish
Owner Stan Stammers
Notes Built by Wal in Sept 1985. Six piece laminate neck of hard rock Maple, Mukalungu and Hornbeam. Stan was the bass player of British band Spear of Destiny when he bought the bass, then in his own band Crazy Pink Revolvers, before moving to Philadelphia in 1989 and forming Plastic Eaters. Stan now plays full time for British band Theatre of Hate, as well as Crazy Pink Revolvers as a side project. Stan bought the Wal Mk1 bass new in October 1985. The Mk1 is now retired from live work, but is still used in the studio.