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Details bass: W2718

SN W2718
Built 1986
Fretboard Indian Rosewood
Fretted Fretted
Length 24
Strings 4
Headstock Custom
BodyBrazilian Mahogany core, American Walnut facings
Owner Rufus Philpot
Notes Built by Wal in June 1986. This Wal Mk2 has a Mahogany core and American Walnut facings, but has a 4 string Jonas Hellborg style headstock with inline tuners. As Rufus explains on the Wal Bass Lovers Of World Unite Facebook Group: "I commissioned Wal to build me the first ever 24 fret four string combined with the new Mk2 five string body shape... Inspired by Jonas Hellborg's double neck (which had 24 frets on the fretted half), Ian decided to build the bass with a new and totally unique headstock...and marry the fretted single neck to a lovely Mk2 style walnut and mahogany body." Rufus sold the bass to Keith Russell, but bought the bass back in 2020 after a break of just over 20 years. Note the slightly misspelled surname on the headstock.