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Details bass: W3987

SN W3987
Built 1996
Fretboard Indian Ebony
Fretted Fretted
Length 24
Strings 4
Headstock Mk1
BodySolid Maple body black polyester finish, custom Mk2 Jonas Hellborg body
Owner Jose Villanueva
Notes Built by Paul in Sept 1996. Ordered by Warren Bassett, more recently belonged to Keith Twist. Six piece laminated neck of rock Maple and Mahogany. Warren Bassett ordered this Mk2 Custom bass with a Jonas Hellborg Maple body, direct from Pete Stevens in June or July 1996, and collected it in person in October 1996. This was his second Wal Mk2 bass, so he wanted something a little different with the sound, something with more bass and low end, so decided on a Maple body. He had seen the Wal Mk2 Jonas Hellborg body shape in a magazine here in England, and as he wanted a slimmer body shape asked Pete if it could still be made. He regrettably sold the Mk2 Custom to the Bass Centre in London, which was then sold to the wife of Keith Twist as a present for him. After Warren Bassett got in contact via Paul Herman, Keith Twist sold the Mk2 Custom to Jose Villanueva in Massachusetts. Recorded from Warren Bassett, 17th October 2021.