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Wal Basses (Electric Woods, UK) dataBass (database + bass)(439 basses submitted)

SN Built Fretboard Fretted Length Strings Headstock Style Body Owner Notes
AA011979RosewoodFretted214Transparent blackColin MouldingBuilt for Bob Pedrick.
AA021980RosewoodFretted214Mk1Silver Grey Sycamore FacingsBen Moore
AA03EbonyFretless lined214Mk1Cherry FacingsMick Karn
AA041985Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Paduak Facings
AA051987RosewoodFretted214Mk1Yew Facings
AA061989RosewoodFretted244Mk2Walnut FacingsThomas Block
AA07RosewoodFretted214Mk1Solid Ash bodyBuilt for Martin Elliott.
AA08EbonyFretless214Mk1Solid Ash bodyColin EdwinBuilt for Martin Elliott.
AA091993EbonyFretless214Mk1American Walnut FacingsJeff Ament
AA10RosewoodFretted245Mk2American Walnut Facings
AA111998EbonyFretless214Mk1American Walnut FacingsJeff Ament
AA121999ParatacomaFretless214Mk1Kaya FacingsgwizmonKaya/Parat Acoma
AA132001EbonyFretless244Mk2American Walnut FacingsBrian AlfondBuilt for Brian Alfond.
AA142001Birdseye Maple Gold Sims LEDsFretted244Highly Figured/Burled Maple FacingsErik AnderssonIan, Built for Erik Andersson.
AA152001EbonyFretless lined246Figured Red Maple FacingsErik AnderssonJoshua, Built for Erik Andersson.
AA172002Bubinga FacingsMark Wal81Built for Mark Wal81.
JG0017This item is accompanied by 2 imagesRosewoodFretted214Mk1Mk1Mahogany core, Wenge facings, maple inlays.There is no masking tape with information on it's control cavity cover
JG1111This item is accompanied by 6 images1978RosewoodFretted214PaddlePrototypeEnglish AshBuilt for Electric Wood. Given as a demo to Trident Studios.
JG11121978Built for John Gustafson.
JG11131978RosewoodFretted214Pro2Solid body BlueburstMike GutierrezBuilt for Bill Zorn. Leather scratch plate. Body refinished. According to Pete Stevens: The first of the first batch of production basses.
JG1114This item is accompanied by 5 images1978Indian RosewoodFretless - lined214PaddleJG2 pieceBuilt for Pete Hurley.
JG1115This item is accompanied by 6 images1978Built for Alec Kouyoumjian.
JG11161978Built for Jack Brand.
JG1117This item is accompanied by 5 images1977RosewoodFretless214PaddleJGEnglish Ash, natural high glossMartyn BakerSigned off by Ian Waller, 1977, built for Phillip Knight
JG11181978Built for Barry Johnson.
JG11191978Built for Alan Spencer.
JG11211978Built for Colin Nelson.
JG1122This item is accompanied by 6 images1978EbonyFretless214Solid Ash bodyBuilt for Percy Jones. Percy Jones' 1st Wal. Early Model, originally built for John Gustafson (hence JG), but was sold to PJ because it didn't have fret lines which JG had wanted (as the story goes).
JG11231978Fretted214Solid Ash bodyLeigh GormanBuilt for Dave MacDonald. Scroll worked leather scratch plate.
JG1124This item is accompanied by 1 image1978RosewoodFretted214PaddleJGEnglish Ash, translucent burgundy gloss finishBuilt for John Glascock.
JG11251978Solid bodySteve HarrisonBuilt for Mick Taylor.
JG11261978Fretted4Solid Ash bodyLeigh GormanBuilt for Paul Simonon. Plain leather scratch plate.
JG11271978Fretted214PaddlePro2Solid Ash body, SunburstBuilt for Theo DeJong.
JG11281978Fretless4Solid Ash body, SalmonMike GutierrezBuilt for John Entwistle. Decorated leather scratch plate.
JG11291978Built for Nigel Griggs.
JG11301978Built for Mario.
JG11311978Built for John Gustafson.
JG11321978RosewoodFretted214WhiteMike Winter-RoussetBuilt for Mike Winter-Rousset.
JG11341978RosewoodFretted214PaddleJGSolid body Black PolyPeter FreemannBuilt for Chris Squire.
JG11351978Built for Kumoa Harada.
JG11361978Built for Mike Giles.
JG11371978Built for Geoffrey Richardson.
JG11381978Built for Joe Read.
JG11391978TobaccoPaul HancockBuilt for Dave Marquee.
JG1143This item is accompanied by 5 images1978RosewoodFretted214PaddleJGEnglish Ash Sunburst glossKulitWBMade by Wal, ordered by Mike Schnoeb, one of four with plain leather scratch plate.
JG1145This item is accompanied by 2 images1978RosewoodFretted214PaddleJGEnglish Ash Greenburst glossAndy Lucey
JG11461978EbonyFretless214Solid Ash body Tequila sunriseColin Coomber
JG1147This item is accompanied by 2 images1978RosewoodFretted214PaddleJG ActiveSolid Ash bodyBuilt for Gary Tibbs. A rare Active JG with pick-attack switch and battery compartment on the rear.
JG1148This item is accompanied by 8 images1978RosewoodFretted214PaddleSolid Ash body naturalFrank StrokapBuilt for Theo De Jong, was owned by Tony Tabasco, Paul Chmielowski and Nels Busch. Has been Fretless lined, recently fretted.
JG11501979Fretless lined214Mark Strands BrownBuilt for John Entwistle. John Entwistle's name and the finish date 23rd August 1979 is inscribed in blue biro inside the neck socket of this guitar.
JG11531981Fretted214Solid body Trans whiteDuncan Hays
KB1This item is accompanied by 2 imagesRosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2EEnglish Ash NaturalThis was custom build for a Dutch bassplayer. There is no serialnumber. Only the initials of the owner.
No SN1994EbonyFretted246Bookmatched Schedua FacingsPrototype 24-6, Multi-laminated neck.
PB11111979Pete StevensAccording to Pete Stevens: Serial numbers PB started at 1111 and I kept PB1111 and PB1112. [...] Head Stock changed around 5/79 to stripes.
PB11121979Pete StevensAccording to Pete Stevens: Serial numbers PB started at 1111 and I kept PB1111 and PB1112. [...] Head Stock changed around 5/79 to stripes.
PB11141979Pro1ESolid Ash bodyMike Gell
PB11161979RosewoodFretted214PaddleSolid Natural Ash bodyTim White
PB11171979RosewoodFretted214BlackMike Winter-RoussetBuilt for Mike Winter-Rousset.
PB1120This item is accompanied by 7 images1979RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2EEnglish Ash, natural high glossRon ClaassenThe current owner refinished the fretboard and had it fretted.
PB1121This item is accompanied by 4 imagesIndian RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2EEnglish Ash, 3 piece, sunburst finish
PB1124This item is accompanied by 2 imagesRosewoodFretted214Mk1Pro2EEnglish Ash, Natural
PB1128This item is accompanied by 7 images1978RosewoodFretless214PaddlePro2EEnglish Ash natural glossCurrently for sale in Germany:
PB1131Paul Freedman
PB11411978Solid Ash body naturalStath Kyrantonis
PB11421978(?)Pro2Solid Ash body natural#41 1978
PB1160This item is accompanied by 2 images1978RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2ESolid body ash BlackTony TabascoOrdered by Tony Tabasco from stock.
PB1166214Pro1Richard Hanechak
PB1170RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2ESolid Ash body NaturalDavid Garrity
PB1174This item is accompanied by 1 image1979EbonyFretted214Mk1Pro2ESolid body BlackStephen BannisterOriginally fretless. Pete built a new neck in the early 2000's so the bass has an MK1 headstock. Purchased from Peter Freeman in 2009.
PB1232Fretted214PaddleSolid Ash bodyJustin Meldal-Johnsen
PB12511978(?)RosewoodFretted214Pro2ESolid Ash bodyMats-Ola Hedlund
PB1252This item is accompanied by 3 images1979RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2EEnglish Ash, natural gloss
PB12641978(?)RosewoodFretted214Pro1ESolid Ash body Cherry redMike Gutierrez
PB1270Mikael Riesbeck
PB1277This item is accompanied by 8 images1979RosewoodFrettless-lined214PaddlePro2Ash, naturalPot knobs have been replaced. Has belonged to Pierre Olivier.
PB1283Mike Gutierrez
PB12911978(?)RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2ESolid Ash body Transparent deep redTrevor RaggattName (presumably previous owner) scratched under battery cover - Joe O'Connor. Seven piece laminate paddle headstock.
PB13331978(?)RosewoodFretted214Pro1Solid Ash bodyRob Visser
PB1354This item is accompanied by 4 images1997RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2ESolid body BlackNik DemetriadesWas owned by Nick Beggs
PB135x1979Solid Ash bodyBeware! The Walembic!
PB1365Pro1ESolid Ash bodyOnsale in Bristol UK, Steve Treble 44(0)117 9742625
PB1382RosewoodFretted214Pro2ESolid Ash body, transparent cherryPaul Burrows
PB14031979RosewoodFrettedPaddlePro1ESolid Ash bodyGilbert Hill
PB1405This item is accompanied by 2 imagesRosewoodFretted214PaddleSolid Ash body Tobacco BurstAdam Kristofic
PB1410RosewoodFrettedPro2ESolid Ash body Black
PB1434RosewoodFrettedPro1ESolid Ash bodyUwe Welschbillig
PB1444This item is accompanied by 5 images1979?RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro1e (modified)English Ash, translucent red.Lee OsborneStarted of in life as a Pro1E, this bass has been made passive and had a DiMarzio Jazz pickup added in the bridge position.
PB1474FrettedPaddleSolid Ash bodyBen Mumma
PB14761995Fretted245Schedua FacingsMichael ShortPete, Midi, flamed-maple-clear-orange-finish neck & peghead, Same bass as W3646!
PB14911978(?)Fretless lined214Pro2ESolid Ash bodyMichael van Polen
PB1496Fretted214Pro2ESolid Ash bodyBryan Thomas
PB14981978(?)RosewoodFretted214Solid Ash bodyRob VisserHipshot Bass Extender
PB1501RosewoodFretted214Pro1ESolid Ash bodyPaul Parkinson
PB1504RosewoodFretless214PaddlePro2EEnglish Ash Burgundy glossKees Klavers
PB1515RosewoodFretless lined214Pro2ESolid Ash bodyDon Zebrauskas
PB15331980RosewoodFretted214Pro2ESolid Ash body Strawberry RedRichard WestColour description written in blue biro in neck socket.
PB15381980214Pro2Solid body SunburstHugh Gorley
PB1557Pro1Solid Natural Ash bodyThomas Riemenschneider
PB15581980Pro2ESolid Natural Ash bodyHoward Vaughan
PB15591980RosewoodFretless linedPro2Solid Natural Ash bodyErik Andersson
PB1561This item is accompanied by 7 images1980RosewoodFretted214PaddleSolid Natural Ash bodyBeppe SavanonePut up for sale by Beppe Savanone, December 2020
PB1573Fretless214Pro1ESolid Mahogany body BlackPeter Hawkin
PB1580RosewoodFretted214Mk1Solid Bookmatched Shedua bodyMick
PB16051981RosewoodFretted214Mk1Wenge FacingsRichard Smol
PB1617This item is accompanied by 5 images1981RosewoodFretted214Mk1Wenge Facings + Maple stripesTony TabascoWaxed body, Tony Tabasco on headstock (built for Tony Tabasco)
PB1628This item is accompanied by 1 image1981RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2ESolid Natural Ash bodyLeif TofteröHas belonged to Göran Schelin until about '86.
PB1631Fretted214PaddlePro2ESolid body BlackDavid Garrity
PB16321981RosewoodFretlessPro2Solid body BlackPer Ottesen
PB1633FretlessMk1Rosewood FacingsThree laminate layers between the core and facings rather than the single layer. 7-piece skunk stripe down the center of both front and back facings.
PB16361981Fretted214Pro1ESolid bodyAndrew Steel
PB1656Fretless214Pro2Cherry Facings Multilaminate CoreDanny
PB16691983Fretless214Simon DennisThis bass got nicked in the UK, if you spot it somewhere ...
PB16801982FrettedMk1Alan WebbWas originally a Pro I passive and got finally converted into a Mk1. Read the story of the transition in .
PB16841981EbonyFretless214Mk1Elm FacingsRoss Moquin
PB16961982Fretless214Mk1Albert Kreuzer
PB1700EbonyFretless lined214
PB17231982Macassar EbonyFretless linedMk1Wenge Facings
PB17241982Macassar EbonyFretlessMk1Shedua FacingsDavid Crowley
PB17281982EbonyFretless linedMk1Treated Birds-Eye Maple FacingsDavid SmithPete
PB17291982RosewoodFretted214Mk1Treated Birds-Eye Maple FacingsMark Standley
PB1731RosewoodFrettedMk1Wenge FacingsNick FraserBuilt for Mervyn Jeffries.
PB1735This item is accompanied by 5 images1982Macassar EbonyFretless214Mk1Mahogany core, Wenge facingsAndrew HarthillThis instrument was given a service a number of years ago. I do not recall the year though. The fingerboard was cleaned up, the electronics were upgraded, the bridge was replaced and the "AJH Wal Custom" script was removed from the headstock and replaced with "Wal". There is a small dent on the edge of the fingerboard at the E-string side, which does not affect playing.
PB1748EbonyFretlessSolid Ash body SunburstPhill Rodgerscontact place_position@amp or 07779 249 213 in the UK.
PB1757This item is accompanied by 6 images1982Macassar EbonyFretless lined214Mk1African Tulipwood FacingsSteve JansenBuilt for Mick Karn by Greg. The only tulip one. Mick Karn's Wal basses are now owned by Steve Jansen. Formal drummer of the band Japan. And long time friend of Mick Karn.
PB17751982Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Sycamore FacingsAndy Championleft-hand
PB17971982Indian RosewoodFretted214PaddleMk1Kusipo FacingsGeraint JenkinWal,
PB18001979EbonyFretless214Pro2ESolid Ash bodySteve Weston
PB18051980EbonyFretless214Mk1Solid Mahogany with a centre stripe inlayGrahamBuilt for Neil Kernon. Left handed. Early Custom model, featuring the old square headstock, Preowner Neil Kernon (name pencilled into the cutout)
PB1817This item is accompanied by 5 images1981Macassar EbonyFretless214PaddleMk12 piece
PB18391981RosewoodFretted214Mk1Schedua FacingsRob Visser
PB18401981RosewoodFretted214Mk1Tufua Facings Multilaminate CoreEduardo Kelerstein
PB1859This item is accompanied by 1 image1981Rosewood214Mk1Schedua Facings Multilaminate (see notes) CoreMike GutierrezLast Pro Bass, afterwards serial numbers start with W.
W02601This item is accompanied by 3 images2002EbonyFretless (no markers)245Mahogany Core,Maple FacingsLuca LeombruniMade by Paul
W101022002Ebony Aqua LEDsFretted245Mk3Flamed Maple Facings Mahogany Core custom teal burst poly gloss finishLowell PackhamPete, Built for Lowell Packham. Full SIMs aqua LED system (both side & front)
W11111974RosewoodFretted214Pro1Solid English Ash bodyPete StevensBuilt for John G. Perry. The first one, Gibson bridge, control knobs and switch, Guild humbucker and Fender Mustang front pick up (both rewound), Sexy leather scratchplate, 30.75inch scale length.
W11181979RosewoodFretted214Pro2Etransparent blackFalk BennetBuilt for John Paul Jones.
W1120This item is accompanied by 4 images1978Indian RosewoodFretted214PaddlePro2EEnglish ash, combined, 3 piece.Built for Geoff Kelly. (Was this previously JG1120?)
W118991999Birds Eye MapleFretted244Mk3Figured Claro Walnut FacingsSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney.
W123971997Rosewood Red SIMs side LEDsFretted245Mk3English Beech FacingsAndrew LusherBuilt for Gareth Morgan. Custom neck pickup position. Headstock veneer.
W131198This item is accompanied by 2 images1998Fretted245Mk3Flamed Maple FacingsGareth CuttingGareth reports on 1/31/02: I have the unfortunate news to tell that my bass and rig have been stolen in the UK, north west of London. If anyone finds out any info please email Gareth.
W157971997Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk3Figured Maple Facings Translucent blue polyesterGeorgio TravianiPaul,
W18602This item is accompanied by 5 images2002RosewoodFretted245Flamed Redwood FacingsGareth CuttingGreg(?), June 2002, Built for Gareth Cutting.
W198941994RosewoodFretted246Mk3Shedua Facings
W199961996RosewoodFretted245Mk3Shedua FacingsPatrick Hughes
W200227This item is accompanied by 5 images2020EbonyFretted244Mk2Mk2Mahogany core, Zebrano facings, high gloss, Mk3 body jointPaul, Feb 2020. Carbon fiber neck reinforcement, brass nut (close string spacing), black hardware + Schaller M4S Lights, Dunlop Strap Locks
W2008This item is accompanied by 5 images1989/90Indian EbonyFretless - lined214Mk1Pro1Solid English Ash, 3 pieceRegarding the type of headstock, bridge and serial number, this I a Pro re-issue.
W2017This item is accompanied by 3 imagesRosewoodFretted214Pro1ESolid English Ash, 3 piece, sunburst color
W20231983Indian EbonyFretted214Tr1Hiro Ugaya
W20301983Indian EbonyFretted214Mk1Paduak FacingsSap lines reversed: The center dark stripe running through the middle is the heartwood, while the white body wings are the sap wood.
W20361982Indian RosewoodMk1Shedua FacingsColin Edge
W20401983Indian RosewoodMk1Wenge FacingsWal
W2043RosewoodFretless214Pro1Adam KerrisonOne pickup in bridge position.
W20461983Fretless214Mk1Solid Mahogany bodySam EvansOne pickup in bridge position. Passive Electronic. Partial lined fingerboard.
W2049Indian RosewoodMk1Indian Rosewood FacingsMarco Somma
W2051This item is accompanied by 4 images1983Macassar ebony, plain fretboardFretless214Mk1Mahogany core, treated flame Sycamore facings, gold hardwareSigned off by Greg, Jan 1983.
W2052This item is accompanied by 3 images1983EbonyFretless - lined214Mk1Mahogany core, chemicaly treated birdseye maple facings with skunk stripePete, Jan 1983
W20531983Indian EbonyFretless214Birdseye Canadian Maple Facings Black PolyReimund HellingBuilt for Juergen Dehmel.22ct Gold Fittings.
W2055This item is accompanied by 3 images1983RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany, treated birdseye maple, gold hardware, black bridgePete, Jan 1983
W20621983214Ian CoulterPete, Ian states: The finish is well worn but still looks pretty good - a nice chocolate colour with yellow/white streeks through it!
W2063This item is accompanied by 4 images1983Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany core, Shedua facings. chrome hardwareSigned off by Greg.February 1983
W2066This item is accompanied by 3 images1983EbonyFretless214Mk1Mahogany core with Elm facingsMark FletcherPete, Feb 1983. Built for and ordered by Mark Fletcher.
W20697This item is accompanied by 1 image1997(?)Indian RosewoodFretted245Mahogany Core, Walnut(?) FacingsGary Bull
W207002000EbonyFretless lined244Walnut FacingsGeorge LambroBuilt for Midge Ure. Mk3 neck joint
W2077This item is accompanied by 5 images1983RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany core, Wenge facings. Chrome hardwarePete, March 1983.
W2078This item is accompanied by 3 images1983EbonyFretless - lined214Mk1Mahogany core, Shedua facings. Chrome plateted hardware.Signed off by Pete "The Fish" Stevens, March 1983.
W2083This item is accompanied by 3 images1983Masaccar ebonyFretless - lined214Mk1Mahogany core, American Walnut facings. Chrome plated hardware
W2091This item is accompanied by 6 images1983Ebony (no markers)Fretless214Pro1Maple Facings Translucent purple sunburstTrevor Tweedy
W20951983Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1Ash Facings
W21091983Indian EbonyFretless lined214Mk1African Wenge FacingsPhil Ward
W2111This item is accompanied by 11 images1983RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany core, Sycamore facings. Chrome hardwareRon ClaassenThis bass is rebuilt by Paul Herman. The first owner tried to reduce the weight of the bass by sawing pieces from its body. Paul made the second owner a new body so together with some fretboard work, it's like new again. This bass now uses the original neck of W2714 which has been fretted now. Background story: Ian Leese knows a depressing story: "The story of the ebony neck is that it was attached to W2111, a rare bodied Mk1, which a previous owner decided was too heavy and cut the body up to make it lighter. The body was also revarnished (with a brush) and some of the varnish found it's way onto the neck, which is why the neck now has a waxed finish, I had to use a fine sandpaper to remove the solidified drips of varnish! A replacement body was made by an amateur builder before I purchased it for the Wal case that came with it. The replacement body was not very good, the bridge and pickups badly installed and the electrics were damaged, hence the reason the neck was removed, being the only useable part left. The stupid owner didn't realize that W2111 was an extremely rare Mk1 Wal, the body was solid Berlinia (no mahogany core) with Australian Walnut center stripe and signed off by Wal himself. I still have the body for reference, but unfortunately it's totally unusable. Such a shame."
W2111022002RosewoodFretted245Mk3Figured Maple Facings
W2114This item is accompanied by 2 images1983Indian EbonyFretless - lined214Mk1Mahogany core, flamed Schedua facings, Maple inlaysWal, May 1983
W2161Indian EbonyFretless lined214Mk1Shedua FacingsBenjamin H?llenkremer
W21721984RosewoodFretted214Mk1Wenge Facings
W2173This item is accompanied by 3 images1983Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mk1Mahogany core, Wenge facingsDarron EdwardsGreg, Sept 1983
W21741983Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Birdseye Maple Facings Ash Core SunburstKeith RobertsonGreg
W2177This item is accompanied by 1 image1983EbonyFretless214Mk1Mahogany core, American walnut facingsKevan KearneySigned off by Pete "The Fish", Oct 1983
W2180RosewoodFretted214Tr1SunburstMark Dixon
W22051983RosewoodFretted214Mk1Wenge Facings
W22191983EbonyFretless lined244Mk1African Wenge FacingsWal, Mother of Pearl inlays, Maple lined fretless.
W221981998Ebony Green LEDsFretted244Birds Eye Maple Facings Poly glossGeorge SulagesBuilt for George Sulages. Green LEDs, Poly gloss finish with poly gloss black neck
W2223This item is accompanied by 2 images1983RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany, Wenge facings with maple sheeting.Previously belonged to Gareth Cutting, chrome hardware, black bridge
W22311983Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1Walnut FacingsWilfried Mayr
W22351984Indian EbonyFretless lined214Schedua FacingsNils de Mol van OtterlooGreg, Together with Lowell's basses
W22461984Rosewood / fretless EbonyFretted / Fretless214Mk1Walnut FacingsSteve WestonTwo necks supplied?
W22541984EbonyFretless lined214Mk1African Schedua Facings
W22661984RosewoodFretted214Mk1Canadian Birds Eye Maple Facings Light Violin Color
W22671984RosewoodFretted214Mk1African Schedua FacingsDave AndersonWal
W2271This item is accompanied by 1 image1984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany core, Birds Eye Maple FacingsRebecca TaylorPete
W23011984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Birds Eye Maple FacingsGreg
W2318Fretless214Mk1American Walnut FacingsGus BlickStolen in 1985
W23291984RosewoodFretted214Wenge FacingsStephan KöstersGreg
W23301984Indian EbonyFretted214Mk1Birdseye Maple FacingsTimothy Carlson
W23361984Ceylones EbonyFretlessMk1American Black Walnut FacingsPeter FreemanWal,
W23421983Indian RosewoodFrettedMk1Schedua FacingsDavid SmithGreg
W23451984Indian RosewoodMk1Paduak Facings
W23511984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Facings
W23521984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Schedua Facings
W23601984Indian EbonyFretted214Mk1Solid Ash body Black PolyesterKing WilliamsWal, Maple Headstock / neck
W23731984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Stained Birds Eye Maple FacingsMaurits Janssens
W23841984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Solid Burled Elm bodyMark LeonardWal
W2388This item is accompanied by 1 image1984Indian EbonyFretless - lined214Mk1Brazilian Mahogany Core, African Shedua FacesLeitnerjoe aka Johannes Leitnerhere is a video with this lovely bass:
W23961984Indian RosewoodFrettedAlaistair DeaconGreg, Built for Alaistair Deacon.
W23991984EbonyFretlessCameron NelsonGreg, Built for Cameron Nelson.
W24001984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Chemically Treated Flamed Sycamore FacingsBob PedrickWal, Built for Bob Pedrick.
W24011984Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1African Schedua FacingsGeorgio TravianiWal
W2403This item is accompanied by 6 images1984RosewoodFretted214Mahogany African Wengé, maple sheeting, waxed.Up for sale by Christopher Mordey 12-2020.
W24111984RosewoodFretless214Flamed Sycamore Facings Acid stainedChris Hogarth
W24231984Indian RosewoodFretted4Mk1African Paduak Facings
W2432This item is accompanied by 2 images1984RosewoodFretted214Mk1Wenge FacingsJoel Day
W24371984RosewoodFretted214Mk1African Schedua FacingsJames Gass
W24461984Indian RosewoodFretted4Mk1Canadian Birds Eye Maple FacingsAidan Curtis
W2451This item is accompanied by 1 image1984EbonyFretless - lined214PaddlePro1Mahogany core, Poplar facingsBarend TrompThis bass can be heard here:
W24531984EbonyFretless lined4Mk1Wenge Facings
W24781985Indian RosewoodFrettedMk1Wenge FacingsJim Isbell
W24991985Solid bodyGrant Young
W25001985Indian EbonyFretless lined214Stained Flamed Sycamore FacingsColin AlbrightWal, Built for Colin Albright.
W2506Mahogany body, Walnut facings(?)
W25081985fretless Indian RosewoodFretless214Mk1Burr Elm (Ovangkol) Facings
W2531This item is accompanied by 4 images1985Indian RosewoodFretted214Mahogany body, American Walnut facingsLewis KreftWal, April 1985
W2537This item is accompanied by 3 images1985EbonyFretless214Magogany core, Shedua facingsDarron EdwardsPete, May 1985. Ordered by Darron Edwards. Replacement unmarked fretless neck fitted and supplied by Pete November 1985. Body lacquer applied April 1990
W2540This item is accompanied by 1 image1985Indian RosewoodFretted214Mahogany core, American Walnut facingsSmall killswitch installed by the previous owner
W25571985RosewoodFretted214Mk1American Elm Facings
W2591This item is accompanied by 4 images1985Indian EbonyFretless - lined214TransiMk1Brazilian Mahogany core African Padauk facingsTheo LafleurAcquired Mk1 # W2591. From my friend Roderick Stewart in Aberdeen (it belonged to the late Dave Bracknell)
W2594EbonyFretless214Mk1Walnut FacingsRog PattersonLeft handed.
W2601This item is accompanied by 2 images1985Thai RosewoodFretted214Mk1Bookmatched figured Hydua Facings (large?)Trevor RaggattWal, Gold Hardware.
W261991999Birds Eye MapleFretted244Zebrawood FacingsSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed. Gold hardware
W26331985Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1African Wenge FacingsWal
W26431985Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1American Walnut FacingsChris Mainuk
W26481985Indian RosewoodFretted214American Walnut FacingsMichael Walker
W26571985Ebony / EbonyFretted / Fretless214American Walnut FacingsGus BlickFrom 1994 to 2001 it featured a fretted neck. Pics 4-6 with original fretless neck.
W26600This item is accompanied by 11 images2000EbonyFretted / Fretless245Pete, June 2000, Doubleneck California Redwood, Mahogany core, gloss fStephenMother of pearl inlay on 14th position on fretless fingerboard.
W2661Fretless214Mk1Olive Ash FacingsKevin FairburnBuilt for Kevin Fairburn.
W26901986RosewoodFretted214Mk1English olive ash
W26911986Mark Kehoe
W2693This item is accompanied by 7 images1986EbonyFretless lined214Mk1Mahogany core, Acid Stained Birds-Eye Maple facings, gold hardware, black bridgeMartin KratkyBelonged to German bass player until 2015, was stored in a studio for 29 years unplayed.
W27001986Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Solid Brazilian Mahogany body Black Polyester LacquerBrian Alfond
W2704RosewoodFretted214Mk1Schedua Facings
W2705EbonyFretless214Mk1Schedua FacingsChris Hogarth
W27101986Indian EbonyFretted214Mk1Olive Ash FacingsMick CooksonWal,
W2714This item is accompanied by 7 images1986EbonyFretless214Mk1Brazilian Mahogany core, American Walnut FacingsRon ClaassenCarl, June 1986. This bass now has the original neck of W2111.
W271991999EbonyFretted244Figured Maple Facings High gloss polyesterSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed. Gold hardware. Figured Maple top, birdseye Maple back
W2724This item is accompanied by 9 images1986Rosewood and Indian EbonyOther Type245Mk2Mahogany core, English Olive Ash facing, chrome hardwareWal, June 1986. Supplied with both a fretless and a fretted neck. Currently for sale in England.
W2730fretless Indian EbonyFretless214Tr1Solid Mahogany bodySean Wrycraft
W2735Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Olive Ash Facings
W27551986Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Claro Walnut FacingsSammy GeeWal,
W2758RosewoodFretted214Tr1Solid Mahogany body
W27621986RosewoodFretted214Mk1Walnut FacingsIain H.
W2769This item is accompanied by 1 image1986Indian EbonyFretless - lined214Mk1Mahogany body, American Walnut facingsBarend TrompThis bass can be heard at
W2783Ebony / EbonyFretted / Fretless244Solid American Walnut body (DoubleNeck)Fretted neck fitted with MB4 MIDI System. Gold plated hardware.
W278961996EbonyFretless246Flamed Schedua FacingsSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed. SC says: This beautiful bass was the first left-handed 6-string Pete built. This bass is very warm-sounding.
W279971997Indian RosewoodFretted5Mk3Shedua FacingsMaurizio CadutoPaul,
W2814EbonyFretless214Mk2Walnut Facings
W28171986Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1American Walnut FacingsAdrian BindleyWal,
W28251987Fretless245Mk2Black PolyGold Hardware. First fretless 5-string?
W28381987RosewoodFretted214Mk1Schedua FacingsDanny Coleman
W28591987Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1American Walnut FacingsStephan K?stersBuilt for Patrik Mertens.
W28601987EbonyFretless214Mk1Mahogany core, Padauk facingsEric UbbenEric is the second owner, bought in August/September 2013
W286012001EbonyFretless lined364Burled Redwood FacingsSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed. The latest and most curious addition to the world's biggest Wal Collection ever! This is #11 !!
W28651987Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Wenge FacingsTom NankivellCarl,
W28661987Thai RosewoodFretted214European Burl Maple FacingsJohn Smith
W28761987Indian Rosewood / EbonyFretted / Fretless214Canadian Birds Eye Maple FacingsDave WigginsCarl, Two necks supplied or double-neck?
W2900This item is accompanied by 2 images1987Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1English Olive Ash FacingsPhil Wain
W2912042004EbonyFretted214Mk2American Walnut FacingsPaul McNamara
W29131987Indian RosewoodFretless214Mk1Rippled English Ash FacingsPeter Dapello
W2915This item is accompanied by 1 image1987Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mk1Briazilian mahogany core African Wenge facing Kevan KearneySigned off by Wal, June 1987
W2928This item is accompanied by 5 images1987Indian RosewoodFretted, no markers214Mk1Olive Ash FacingsSkip Daly
W29381987EbonyFretless lined245Mk2American Walnut FacingsChristoph SchusterWal
W29451987Indian Ebony214Mk1American Hydua FacingsKeith Robertson
W29871992Rosewood214Mk1Birds eye Maple Facings
W29941987Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1Olive Ash FacingsSpiderBassCarl
W2995Indian RosewoodFretted214African Hydua FacingsBenjamin Höllenkremer
W29961987Indian EbonyFretted214Olive Ash FacingsRic RalfsCarl, Built for Ric Ralfs.
W3This item is accompanied by 3 images1973Guitar / Fretted / Fretless lined214CustomCustomAshHardRockCafeNYBuilt for Roger Newell. The triple was in fact only the second Bass ever made by Wal.
W30061987RosewoodFretted214Mk1Honduran Mahogany FacingsJeffrey HicksWal,
W3016Bill Pickard
W30171988Mahogany214Solid Lightly flamed Schedua body Tobacco sunburst
W30221988Indian RosewoodFretted245Burmese Paduak FacingsOlaf SimonBuilt for Patrik Mertens. 2 ct. gold plated
W30241988EbonyFretted245Mk2Mahogany core, Shedua Facings, gold plated hardwareKeith GoddardConverted from fretless to fretted. I've owned it from about 1992 so far. Still as beautiful and envied as ever.
W3028This item is accompanied by 3 images1988Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1Mahogany core, African Wenge FacingsEugene VugtsOriginal fretted Indian Rosewood fretboard. Replaced by a fretless ebony one, done by Luthier Patrick Koopman.
W30391988RosewoodFretted214Mk1Walnut FacingsJoel GrowWal
W304961996Ebony Red side LEDsFretless245PaddleAmerican Walnut FacingsLowell PackhamPete, Built for Gareth Morgan.
W3059RosewoodFretted214Honduran Mahogany FacingsDave ShieldsThe facings were salvaged from a stately home where they had been a doorstep for 200 years! One of only two produced. Embassy Special
W3066This item is accompanied by 3 images1988Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Brazilian Tigerwood FacingsEdward Purcell Wal, 1988. Originally ordered by Michael Bell.
W3071Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Walnut FacingsJohn Svensson
W30741988Indian RosewoodFretted245African Shedua FacingsDick KampenProbably the last bass Ian Waller signed off in May 1988. Built for Laurent Kinckel.
W3075This item is accompanied by 1 image1988Indian RosewoodFretted245Brazilian Mahogany Core,Honduras Mahogany FacingsLuca LeombruniPresumably, this is one of the basses built from the 200 years old doorsteps.
W3103EbonyFretted214Mk1BlackNote for this submission: "W3103 or W3109"
W3130This item is accompanied by 6 images1988Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Brazilian Mahogany core, Honduras Mahogany facingsVinz MikCarl, Sept 1988
W31311988Indian RosewoodFretted214Schedua FacingsMichael BellCarl
W3161Indian RosewoodFretted214Tr1Solid Walnut body
W31671988RosewoodFretted214Paduak Facings Salmon PinkLowell PackhamPete, Built for Clive 'The Eyebrows' Cherry. The first production Midi bass. Pete Collins thinks: Clive Cherry also sprayed Geddy Lee's Wals.
W3176Fretted245Solid Ash bodyMartin ElliottBuilt for Martin Elliott.
W317981998EbonyFretless244Mk3Shedua Facings
W3191This item is accompanied by 1 image1989RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany body, Shedua facingsBarend TrompCan be heard here:
W3210Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Paduak FacingsLeon Reijner
W32201989Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany core with Wenge facingsRobin VickA heavy example weighing in at 10.5 pounds.
W32371989Indian EbonyyFretless4Mk2American Walnut Facings Stained antique gold Birdseye Maple FacingsMaurizio CadutoCarl
W32421989Indian EbonyFretted214Dominic HowardCarl, Built for Dominic Howard.
W32661989Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Schedua FacingsReimund HellingCarl
W3281This item is accompanied by 2 images1989EbonyFretted244CustomCustomMahogany body, black gloss finishKulitWBPete, Nov 1989, built for Ulf Linquist, one pickup and tremolo.
W32851989Indian RosewoodFretted214Shedua FacingsOlli UtriainenCarl
W32861989Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Wenge FacingsAtakan OguzCarl,
W3299RosewoodFretted245Mk2Flamed Maple FacingsBob Pedrick
W33061989RosewoodFretted214American Walnut FacingsGeorge SulagesBuilt for Gareth Morgan. George says: my American Walnut serial No. W3306 has been updated. It is now serial No W4073.
W3332Indian EbonyFretted214Pro1Solid Mahogany bodyGold plated hardware.
W33411989Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2black polyesterBuilt for Phil Rainey.
W33521991Indian RosewoodFretless245Mk2American Walnut FacingsCarl, Left handed.
W33571990Indian EbonyFretless245Mk2Wenge FacingsDerek TearneCarl
W3389Fretted244Mk2Birds Eye Maple FacingsJohn WalshMidi
W3408Fretted244Mk2American Walnut FacingsPer OttesenMidi
W34121990RosewoodFretted214Mk1Solid Mahogany body Black polyAndrew LusherGold Hardware
W34501990RosewoodFretted245Mk2American Walnut Facings
W3457Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Solid Mahogany body White Polyester
W34651991Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Maple Facings Red PolyesterCarl
W34661990Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Stained quilted Maple FacingsAndro KotulaCarl
W34811990fretless Indian RosewoodFretless244Mk2Birds Eye Maple Facings Red stainedVolney Hendrix
W3483This item is accompanied by 2 images1990Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany core, Shedua FacingsDennis Machleidt
W35161991EbonyFretless lined214Mk1Paduak FacingsSteve ChesneyLeft handed. Gold hardware.
W35301991EbonyFretless214Flamed Maple FacingsMark Standley
W3534EbonyFretless214Mk1Walnut FacingsClaudio Vernetti
W3551RosewoodFretless214Mk1Padauk FacingsPete Collins
W3554This item is accompanied by 1 image1991EbonyFretless245Mahogany core, American Walnut, satin finish, Chrome hardwareOliverHas belonged to Marco Somma.
W35611991Ebony / EbonyFretted / Fretless lined214Solid Mahogany body White Polyester (DoubleNeck)Pete, Second SrNr: W3562
W3567This item is accompanied by 20 images1991RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany core, Wenge facingsDavid RoyOrdered by and built for David Roy, bought from High Wycombe. Still with the original case. Now resides in Australia.
W35871991Fretless245Mk2Walnut FacingsSteve Couch
W36131991EbonyFretted214Mahogany Facings Black PolyesterThomas BristulfThomas wonders: It's also written #3 inside directly on the wood. What does that mean?
W3616EbonyFretless214Walnut FacingsSigned by Mick Karn and Percy Jones.
W3620051This item is accompanied by 2 images2005Ebony (no markers)Fretless364Custom36Mahogany body, quilted maple facings, Left handed.SR not yet corrected - Wal 3-Octave Fretless Lefty Custom 2005 Quilted Maple Facings
W3620052This item is accompanied by 1 image2005Ebony (no markers)Fretless-lined364Custom36Mahogany with burled redwood top and matching headstock facingSteve ChesneyA unique Wal bass design. Steve Chesney's custom "36 fret" fretless Lefty Wal custom bass with burled redwood top and matching headstock facing. But strangely this isn't a "one-off". It's a "two-off"!
W3631This item is accompanied by 2 images1991RosewoodFretted245Mk2Mahogany core, Shedua facings, chrome hardwareQuote from Paul: "W3631 is logged with limited details as a plain fretless bass sold to Pro Sound music in Koblenz around the end of approx 1991" - it only had one previous owner from Belgium who seems to have had it converted into a fretted @ Wal sometime in the past.
W36351993Indian EbonyFretless245American Walnut FacingsRic RalfsPete, Built for Ric Ralfs. X-tra thick neck, Inlay 'Ric' on peghead.
W3641This item is accompanied by 4 images1993Indian rosewoodFretted245Mk2Mahogany core, sported sycamore facings with skunk stripe. Transblue polyester finish.Signed off by Pete "The Fish" Stevens, October 1993. This bass was extensively tested in Bassist(UK) magazine.
W3643Fretted244Mk2Birds Eye Maple Facings Red PolyBob Amstadt
W36461991Fretted245Schedua FacingsTodd ElwardtPete, Midi, flamed-maple-clear-orange-finish neck & peghead, Same bass as PB1476!
W3648EbonyFretless245English Walnut FacingsJohn VanamanBuilt for John Vanaman. Depicting his name on the headstock, from a batch of wood that John himself provided. Twin bass to W3649. The wood is English Walnut. See notes for explanation.
W3649RosewoodFretted245English Walnut FacingsJohn VanamanBuilt for John Vanaman. Twin bass to W3648.
W3651This item is accompanied by 8 images1992EbonyFretted244Mk2Mahogany body, maple neck, custom shaped body, gold hardwareAlberto RigoniPete, July 1992, built for Greg Lake.
W36571992Indian RosewoodFretted244Walnut FacingsGeorgio TravianiPre Owner Mike Zimmerman says: customized by Rick Turner's shop with graphite reinforcement in the neck and a 25-fret ebony fretboard
W36581992ResinFretted245Mk2Birds Eye Maple Facings SunburstSteve WestonMidi
W3660Indian EbonyFretless lined245American Walnut FacingsBenjamin HöllenkremerBuilt for Benjamin Höllenkremer.
W3675EbonyFretless lined214Mk2Walnut Facings
W36921992EbonyFretted214Mk1Solid Mahogany body Black Polyesterwheeljackwooble
W36931992Indian RosewoodFretted214Paduak FacingsDetlef Köhne
W36961992Indian EbonyFretless lined244Mk2Walnut FacingsGeorge Lambro
W37021992RosewoodFretted245Mk2Paduak FacingsSteve Weston
W37031992Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Honduran Mahogany FacingsPete Collins
W37091992Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Wenge FacingsMik WalkerPaul, Built for Mik Walker.
W37101992Indian EbonyFretless245English Sycamore Facings w/ chemical treatmentAndro KotulaBuilt for Andro Kotula.
W37121993EbonyFretted245Mk2Bookmatched Flamed Maple Facings High Gloss lacquerEddie McGloneIncluding Midi MB4 Interface. 7 piece laminate Neck (Maple, Padouk, Wenge). Gold Hardware.
W3718This item is accompanied by 2 images1992Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Mahogany body, Shedua facings, gold hardwareJason McQuartersCarl, July 1992.
W3721Mk1Treated Sycamore? Facings
W37231992EbonyFretless244Mk2Sycamore Facings w/ chemical treatmentMik Walker(Ken,Kit,Pete?), Built for Mik Walker.
W3731This item is accompanied by 21 images1993Indian RosewoodFretted244Mk2Mahogany body, American Walnut facings, Left HandedMartin TougasBelonged to Jörg. A Preamp On/Off switch has been added by the previous owner.
W37331992Fretted244Mk2Mahagony Curl Facings Poly glossMidi MB4 Interface. D-Tuner
W3735Robert Hughes
W3743245Mk2Tristan Zand
W37481993245Mk2Quilted Maple Facings
W37501992EbonyFretted244Mk2Flamed Maple Facings Translucend Red with skunk stripeScott ShirakiGold Hardware.
W3754Fretted245Mk2Built for Brian Duffissey.
W3758EbonyFretted214Mk1Black Polyester Gloss
W37771993fretlessFretless245Mk2Walnut FacingsSteve Couch
W3790This item is accompanied by 10 images1993Indian EbonyFretless - lined245Mk3Mahogany core, American Walnut facingsSebastian BruecknerPete, June 1993
W37991991fretlessFretless245This neck was on sale on ebay in Sep 2002. Brass nut. The neck was made and signed by Carl of Electric Wood in January 1991.
W38011993EbonyFretted245Mk2Solid Mahogany body Black Polyester GlossJohn CatlettHeadstock face finished in black to match the body.
W3808This item is accompanied by 8 images1993Indian RosewoodFretted244Mk2Mahogany core, Flamed Sycamore Facings, green washingMiles QuarlessPaul 1993, has belonged to Adrian Cooksey.
W3818fretless Indian RosewoodFretless245Mk2Stained Chestnut Facings
W38271994Indian EbonyFretless245Mk2American Walnut FacingsMark SellersPete
W38371994Indian RosewoodFretted244Mk2Schedua FacingsJerome GawPaul, FOR TRADE. I'm not playing this bass very often, which is a shame, cause it's really great. I'm only looking for trades. I prefer a five string fretted, and something slightly off the beaten path, perhaps. Nothing mass-produced, etc. Not for sale yet! Trades only! Thanks.
W38411994RosewoodFretted244Figured Schedua FacingsJohn SimmonsLeft handed.
W3850RosewoodFretted244Olive Ash FacingsSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed. I am selling my Mach II olive ash 4-string. It is a lefty bass with chrome hardware. The price is $1700 firm. The bass is in very good condition and sounds beautiful. I am selling it because I need to make room for the influx of Wals I will have over the next several months.
W38611994Indian EbonyFretted244Schedua Facings Poly finishPeter FreemanPaul, Built for Peter Freeman.
W3863This item is accompanied by 6 images1994Indian EbonyFretless - lined244Mk2Mahogany core with book-matched Hydua facingsJames TaylorPete, June 1994, ordered by James Taylor
W38661994EbonyFretless244American Walnut FacingsVictor NichollsBuilt for Victor Nicholls.
W38671994Indian EbonyFretless244Amboyna FacingsOlaf SimonBuilt for Olaf Simon.
W38681994Fretless214Mk1Walnut FacingsSteve Couch
W38821994RosewoodFretted245Solid body Black polyesterPeter FreemanPete, Built for Peter Freeman, custom string spacing (wider at nut, same spacing as 4-string models).
W38861994EbonyFretless245American Walnut FacingsRichard FTBuilt for Richard FT.
W38941994RosewoodFretted246Mk3Mahogany core, Shedua Facings
W38981995EbonyFretless214Walnut Facings
W39071995EbonyFretless214Mk1American Walnut FacingsVolkmar ArneckeLeft handed.
W39131995Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk1Schedua FacingsPete, Including D-Tuner
W3930This item is accompanied by 5 images1995Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Mahogany body, American Walnut facingsShawn Nelson
W39371995Indian EbonyFretted245Solid Mahogany body White polyester / Matching headstockOlli UtriainenPaul, Built for Olli Utriainen.
W39391995EbonyFretless245Olive Ash FacingsStephen BarnesBuilt for The Embassy.
W39411996Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2American Walnut FacingsAttila KaytarPaul,
W39451996EbonyFretless lined245Mk2Solid Mahogany body Black polyAndrew LusherGold Hardware
W39501996EbonyFretted214Ivory WhiteGold hardware.
W3954RosewoodFretted214Schedua FacingsLowell Packham
W3982lined-fretless Indian EbonyFretless214Mk1Solid body Black Poly GlossOnly normal passive wiring.
W39881996Indian RosewoodFretted245Schedua FacingsKeith Robertson
W39941997Indian RosewoodFretted214Mk2Schedua FacingsHair_no_evilPaul
W39971997Indian RosewoodFretted244Mk2Schedua FacingsJaime Longo
W3998This item is accompanied by 1 image1997Indian ebonyFretless214Mk1Mahogany core, American walnut facingsSinisa RadisavljevicThis bass is in Norway
W4001EbonyFretless244Mk1American Walnut FacingsMark Ward
W40051998Erik Andersson
W40131998EbonyFretted244? Facings
W40272000Indian EbonyFretless lined244Mk2American Walnut FacingsFrank McDade
W40282000RosewoodFretted214PaddleMk1Schedua FacingsPeter Dapello
W40292000214Schedua (?) FacingsMason C
W40302000Birds Eye MapleFretted245Olive Ash Facings stained purple, high glossSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed. Gold hardware
W4034FrettedMk1Flamed Maple Facings Translucent Violet, Poly GlossMatched Top and back, Gold Hardware
W40412000Indian RosewoodFretted245Mk2Kauri FacingsDerek TearneBuilt for Derek Tearne.
W40562001RosewoodFretted214PaddleMk1Schedua FacingsJustin Meldal-Johnsen
W40572000Macassar Ebony245Burled Chestnut FacingsSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed. Gold hardware
W40582000EbonyFretted214Mk1Solid Mahogany body blackScott Shiraki
W40592001Macassar Ebony side LEDsFretted245Mk2Rippled/Flamed Maple FacingsGeorge SulagesPete, Fretboard with side LED's, Matching headstock veneer and cavity cover
W40612001RosewoodFrettedMk2American Walnut FacingsJim Oates
W40732002Indian EbonyFretless lined214American Walnut FacingsGeorge SulagesPaul, Gold Hardware. A new lined-fretless neck added. George says: My American Walnut serial No. W3306 has been updated. It is now serial No W4073.
W40802002RosewoodFretted4Mk2Birdseye Maple Facings Tobacco Dark Stained SatinChris Bernard
W40872002RosewoodFrettedMk1Walnut FacingsScottBuilt for Justin Meldal-Johnsen.
W40932002Rosewood Red side LEDsFrettedMk1Solid Mahogany body Black PolyAdrian Burke
W4105This item is accompanied by 6 images2005Indian RosewoodFretted244Mk2Mahogany core, Maple facings, translucent red acryl finish.Maarten WillemsAlso, know as the Geddy Lee model.
W41232004RosewoodFretted214Mk1Tiger Wood Facings
W41252004RosewoodFretted214Mk1Shedua Facings
W4146This item is accompanied by 2 images2010Maccassar EbonyFretted244Mk2Spanish Cedar Black Polyester finish Gold HardwarePaul, July 2010. Originally white Poly with gold hardware. Refinished in black by Paul in April 2016. (quote from the invoice: Wal 4 string Mk 2 bass dismantle, strip & prep body and neck, re-fit side dots, refinish body & neck gloss black, service as necessary, set up with D'Addario EXL190 for 1350 GBP). Having experimented with various lighter body wood alternatives to the heavy mahogany without changing the tonal quality of a Wal, Paul suggested using Spanish Cedar on my MK2 - and it sounds awesome.
W4159This item is accompanied by 4 images2011RosewoodFretted245Mk3Mahogany core, American Walnut (?)Stuart ButtPaul, April 2011
W4220This item is accompanied by 6 images2015Indian EbonyFretted245Mk2Mahogany Core, Zebranowood Facings,Trans Blue Gloss Finish, MOP Block Inlays, Black Neck Christopher GauntBuilt by Paul Herman
W4257This item is accompanied by 5 images2017Indian EbonyFretted244Mk2Mahogany body, black gloss finish, gold hardware.Joe TritschlerPaul, March 2017
W4270This item is accompanied by 2 images2018Indian EbonyFretted (no markers)244Mk3English ash, trans red gloss finishMichael RamosPaul, July 2018. Gold hardware. On special request built as Mk2 with Mk3 head, to achieve best balance. This bass only weighs 9-1/4 lbs.
W4291This item is accompanied by 6 images2019Macassar EbonyFretted245Mk2Mahogany core, Ziricote facings, gloss finish. Black chrome hardware.
W46971997Fretted244Mk3Schedua FacingsScott RebouletPaul
W5398This item is accompanied by 5 images1998lined-fretless EbonyFretless245Mk3Mahogany core, American Walnut FacingsIan LeesePete, 1998, has belonged to Ron Claassen.
W63981998Ebony LEDsFretted246Birds Eye Maple Facings Green Burst
W77971997Indian EbonyFretted245Mk3Solid body Black Poly GlossPaul, Gold Hardware
W78991999RosewoodFretted246Mk3Birds Eye Maple FacingsSteve Weston
W810032003lined-fretless EbonyFretless lined245Claro Walnut FacingsSteve VilniusBuilt for Steve Vilnius.
W907012001RosewoodFretted245Mk3Crazy Maple Facings, satin finish, gold hardwareAlan Kepner
W96981998Flamed MapleFretted244Quilted Maple Facings Stained candy apple red, high gloss polyesterSteve ChesneyBuilt for Steve Chesney. Left handed.
WSimsThis item is accompanied by 10 images2007/20EbonyFretted244Mk3Mahogany core with Maple top & back, black gloss polyester finish.Alexander GoldbergPreviously owned by Alberto Rigoni. Background story: "Before Pete, the previous owner of Wal passed away, he started a project of a new bass together with Martin Sims of Enfield Guitars. After the death of Pete, the project was put on standby and only one year ago Martin Sims decided to complete the bass. It looks and sounds gorgeous. Moreover, it's super versatile due to the Sims Super Quad Pickups and John East preamp and the neck is equipped with front and side leds. It's indeed absolutely UNIQUE. (Sound sample at"
Wxxx1988Fretted245Mk2Red Poly
Yewie2000EbonyFretted246Mk3Yew FacingsErik AnderssonBuilt for Erik Andersson.